PSA Conference 2016

PSA Conference 2016

We are delighted to have two panels at the PSA Conference taking place in Brighton between March 21-23. The theme of the conference is ‘Politics and the Good Life’. 

We have attracted an impressive range of contributors for both panels.

The first panel ‘Establishing a Good Life: Politics and Policy in East Asia’ reviews the formation of several contemporary political issues, and explores the nature of the region’s challenges from a range of perspectives. The panel debates the intricacies of the policies that have been designed and implemented to facilitate the pursuit of ‘good politics’ in East Asia. This panel will take Monday 21st March 14:15 – 15:45 at Hilton Meeting Room 1, and will be chaired by Dr. Liam McCarthy-Cotter (Nottingham Trent)

The second panel Pursuing a Good Life: Politics and Policy in East Asia’ explores the strategies that have been deployed by a range of East and Southeast Asian actors to establish ‘good politics’ in the region. Analysing a range of issues from a variety of politics and International Relations perspectives to illustrate the challenges the region faces.  This panel will take place Tuesday 22nd March 09:30 – 11:00 at Hilton Meeting Room 1, and will be chaired by Dr. Leanne-Marie McCarthy Cotter (Sheffield).

Details of the panels can be found below.

Panel One: ‘Establishing a Good Life’ Politics and Policy in East Asia  

Chair: Dr Liam McCarthy-Cotter

Strategic uncertainty in the Asia-Pacific: Drivers, responses and evolving security order

Dr Elena Atanassova-Cornelis (Catholic University of Louvain & University of Antwerp)

Rising Powers and State Transformation: The Case of China

Dr Lee Jones (Queen Mary, University of London)

Let’s forget about a NATO in East Asia: a constructivist analysis of the ASEAN Way of security cooperation

Miss Chau Nguyen (University of East Anglia)

Beijing’s “March West”: “One Belt, One Road” and China’s Quest for Great Power Status

Dr Michael Clarke (National Security College, Australian National University)


 Panel Two:  ‘Pursuing a Good Life’ Politics and Policy in East Asia’

Chair: Dr Leanne-Marie McCarthy-Cotter

Through Whose Lens? The Politics of Regional and Global Surveillance in East Asia

Ms Maria Theresa Anna Robles (University of Warwick)

Japan’s state transformation in ICT regulation after the 1980s

Dr Masahiro Mogaki (The University of Sheffield)

Decentralisation and Subnational Autonomy – Evidence from East and South Asia

Ms Eunkyung Shin (University of York)

China’s counter-terrorism strategy: research, practical challenges and IR implications

Miss Chi Zhang (University of Leeds)