PSA Conference 2017

Political Studies Association Annual Conference, 10th – 12th April 2017, Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

We are very excited about the conference. We have managed to secure three panels at the conference. Below is a list of the papers and presenters:

  • “Beijing’s Urban Villages as Sites of Ideological Contestation” – Jane Hayward
  • “What do Chinese Christians think about politics? Examining liberal democratic values and support for political institutions amongst young urban believers” – Phil Entwistle
  • “The Role of Policy Advice in China’s and Japan’s Economic Policies since the Global Financial Crisis” – Patrick Koellner
  • “Is an “Abe Doctrine” Emerging in Japanese Foreign and Security Policies?” – Hugo Dobson
  • “Railway Infrastructural Development in Indochina: A Route to Stability” – Liam McCarthy-Cotter and Leanne-Marie McCarthy-Cotter
  • “Too confident in democracy? Understanding authoritarian leaders’ strategic miscalculations during democratic transitions: Evidence from Myanmar” – Christopher Raymond
  • “Revisiting the Police of Regime-Masses Crisis in 2014: Exploring the Transformation of Hong Kong Policing” – Laurence Ho
  • “Dualisation, Social Inequality and Labour Market Reform: Korean Trade Union Strategies in Economic and Social Crisis” – Timo Fleckenstein and Soohyun Christine Lee
  • Discursive Appropriation of Political Accountability: The Establishment and Transformation of Political Appointment System of HKSAR” – Dr. Gary TANG
  • “A Weak Legislature? Analysis of the Legislative Procedure of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong” – Mr. Wang Leung TING
  • Electoral Impacts of Opposition Disunity in Hybrid Regimes: Evidence from Hong Kong Legislative Elections 2004-2016” – Dr. Stan Hok-Wui WONG and Mr. Nick Or
  • Hollowing-out’ the Administrative State: Explaining the Politics of Quasi-Autonomous Agency in Hong Kong” – Dr. Raymond Hau-yin YUEN

We are also holding our Specialist Group Annual General Meeting  (Monday 10 April 2017, Graham Hills 511, 1.30pm-2.15pm).

We are also planning to hold our first Specialist Group Social Night during the Conference. The plan is to meet up for some food and drinks, and put the world to rights! This will be a great chance to meet new faces, and catch up with those working in a similar area.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the event. More information about the Conference can be found at:

The Conference will be a great opportunity to meet up with those we met at the Conference last year, as well as meet new faces. So if you are planning to attend please let us know!

Also, please feel free to circulate information regarding the conference to colleagues and post-graduate students.

Hopefully see you in Glasgow!